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G.P. Information

Mulberry Private Healthcare offers a dedicated private ward featuring 7 en-suite bedrooms. We have the back-up and support of the acute hospital 24-hours a day including full access to ITU and CCU on-site if required.

We are covered with all insurance companies and offer very competitive prices for self-funding patients. Our specialists offer a wide range of procedures. Children between the ages of 1-18 years old are admitted to Holly Ward, the paediatric ward at Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

Referral Methods
To facilitate a consultation a referral letter is required. This can either be faxed or emailed to us or the secretary of the consultant. Our contact details are below, those of the secretary can be found on the Procedures/Specialists page.

Mulberry Private Healthcare secure and confidential
Mulberry Private Healthcare Fax: 01480 423109

Criteria for Surgical Patients
For surgical patients we follow the ASA classification of anaesthetic risk:

  • ASA Grade 1: a normal healthy patient
  • ASA Grade 2: a patient with mild systemic disease that does not limit activity
  • ASA Grade 3: a patient with severe systemic disease, which limits activity but is not incapacitating
  • ASA Grade 4: Incapacitating systemic disease, which is constantly life threatening.

A rule of thumb is that patients who can climb 2 flights of stairs without shortness of breath or chest pain are classified as ASA 1, or ASA 2 if they have co-existing mild systemic disease.

We will undertake surgery on a significant proportion of those patients who are ASA 3 and 4, but unless they are having procedures under local anaesthetic, they will need pre-assessment by one of our anaesthetists.

Directory of Consultants and Brochures
We supply our GP colleagues with a Directory of our Consultants quarterly but if you would like additional copies please let us know and we’ll happily provide you with some. Similarly, we aim to regularly distribute our brochures to GP practices for the patient waiting areas – if you require some more please let us know and we will replenish them as soon as possible.

Patient Satisfaction

Our patient satisfaction is monitored via Patient Satisfaction Questionnaires which patients are asked to complete before they leave the Mulberry Ward. Our most recent results show that 99%of our patients would recommend us to their family and friends

Contact Us

Mulberry Private Healthcare
Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Hinchingbrooke Park
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Appointments/Reservations – Tel: 01480 418761
Financial Queries – Tel: 01480 418761/418751